Top 4 Trends in Office Design for 2018

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Office design has taken a few turns the last couple years as employers continue to dive into what satisfies, motivates, and affects their employees on a daily basis. Studies have shown that what we used to believe helps foster creativity in the workplace can actually stifle it, and what we hope establishes a laid back culture can actually trigger common stressors. We’ve identified the Top 5 Trends in office Design for 2018 and why these trends may be just what your company needs!


Less is More

Removing clutter from the office not only helps employees organize their thoughts, but it can increase their overall day-to-day efficiency. Having an organized space allows for easy access to everyday resources, making sure that an employee has what they need, when they need it. A minimalistic design provides a blank slate, sparking creativity, and eliminating distractions. Take a look at our recommended best tools for organizing your space and reducing clutter.

Layout and Collaboration

Employees across industries are finding a need for spaces that can transform to fit their current situation. While a private area to focus on their individual work is necessary, the ability to collaborate with co-workers is something that cannot be overlooked. Collaboration spaces are a growing must-have for the workplace in 2018! Find a professional that can help you customize your space to fit your office needs. Cube Solutions offers a Free Design Service that will help you get started creating the layout that is perfect for your workplace.


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The Cubes Are Back

While individual cubicles at one point may have seemed like a thing of the past, the need for a private workspace continues to increase, placing an even greater demand for office cubicles. Research has shown that employees feel a sense of security and stability in a job that offers a private space for them to focus on their daily work. While the need for collaboration spaces is increasing, the ability for employees to get away and focus in a space to call their own is vital to the overall productivity and comfort of the individual.


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Bring Home to Work

A trend that is taking over this year is making work a little more like home. Bringing elements of the home into the workplace can lead to an increase in the employee’s overall job satisfaction and, ultimately, their daily performance. Filling your space with greenery, natural light, and improving your break room are small steps you can take towards transforming the overall atmosphere of your office. One key way to improve your break room is to provide an outlet for employees to let off steam and decompress. Activities like ping-pong do a great job of bringing co-workers together and improving the overall morale of the workplace. Take a look at our recommended sports table for the break room! Look for cubicles that offer enough desk space for employees to spread out without worrying about their coworkers. Reducing clutter and giving individuals a place to personalize their environment will make their space feel a little more like home.

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Whether you are a small office looking to make a change in the new year, or a large corporation wanting to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, these small steps are just a few ways you can design your workplace in 2018!