5 Tips for a Successful Call Center

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The best call center environments increase employee satisfaction and enhance the productivity of your business. Altering small factors in your office space can have a big impact on your staff and organization. Today, we will look into five things to consider implementing for a positive effect on the success of your call center!

1. Access to Light

Having exposure to natural light during the day has been shown to improve mood and performance. Consider seating employees near the exterior of the space to maximize access to outside light. Using cubicles with glass tiles is a great way to incorporate natural light into work spaces while still providing privacy.

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2. Personalized Workspaces

Allow your employees to personalize their workstation. Encourage them to bring in plants,  photos, and meaningful objects. Employees will feel a greater sense of ownership when they are able to make the space their own. Giving employees an open shelf or tack board in their space lets them display their personal mementos but keeps those items off the work surface.

3. Space to Get Away

Call Centers tend to be noisy and workstations can be a difficult place to take a relaxing break. Consider carving out a place where employees can rest and recharge that is different from your typical break rooms. Designate a quiet room where people can get away from distractions and is reserved for quiet activities such as napping, reading or listening to music.

4. A Plan for Change

A call center is a work environment that is subject to lots of changes whether it’s new growth requiring hiring additional staff or a new team is being formed requiring a different desk layout. Create an office design that can accommodate future growth and is customizable so it can be reconfigured when there are changes.

5. Flexible Furniture

Call center employees are at their desks the majority of the day. Give your employees flexible furniture with tables and desks that allow them to shift from sitting to standing and adjustable ergonomic chairs that allow for supportive, customizable seating. Configurable furniture that makes your employees comfortable can boost productivity and energy levels.

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Cube Solutions specializes in designing call centers that fit the needs of our diverse clientele. Our team of designers will work with you to bring your call center vision to reality. We are experts at maximizing density while maintaining a workplace that is pleasant and comfortable.

If you’re ready to take the next step in arranging your call center, download our Call Center Buyer’s Guide for a further look into setting up your perfect space!

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