Premium Finishes

Premium Finishes are upgraded finishes of superior beauty, that are available for every cubicle layout.

They may carry slightly higher prices, depending on the details of your order, but you’re certain to find a color scheme that’s perfect for your vision.

*Premium Finishes are typically available at normal lead-times, but it’s a good idea to consult your sales representative for details about specific Premium Finishes.


Ace Apricot

Ace Azure

Ace Biscotti

Ace Burlap

Ace Chili

Ace Dove

Ace Drizzle

Ace Fairway

Ace Falcon

Ace Huckleberry

Ace Midnight

Ace Mint

Ace Platinum

Ace Sepia

Ace Surf

Ace Tide

Anchorage Lapis

Anchorage Lemon


Axis Bluestone

Axis Chambray

Axis Dune

Axis Fossil

Axis Sepia

Axis Silver

Banter Crystal

Banter Greystone

Banter Honeycomb

Banter Pearl

Banter Sahara

Banter Seaglass

Banter Sterling

Banter Topaz

Cape Cod Apricot

Cape Cod Buff

Cape Cod Cloud

Cape Cod Dune

Cape Cod Key Lime

Cape Cod Linen

Cape Cod Seagull

Cape Cod Shale

Cape Cod Surf

Century Amber

Century Aspin

Century Dew

Century Fossil

Century Limestone

Drift Alabaster

Drift Chamois

Drift Graphite

Drift Mocha

Drift Pebble

Drift Slate

Drift Sprout

Drift Storm

Hinge Azure

Hinge Earl Grey

Hinge Ecru

Hinge Mink

Hinge Pearl

Hinge Shale

Midway Almond

Midway Haze

Midway Opal

Prime Time Admiral

Prime Time Aloe

Prime Time Azure

Prime Time Brownie

Prime Time Chambray

Prime Time chino

Prime Time Elephant

Prime Time Fuchsia

Prime Time Key Lime

Prime Time Mariana

Prime Time Mink

Prime Time Paprika

Prime Time Parchment

Prime Time Peacock

Prime Time Scarlet

Prime Time Shale

Prime Time Shiraz

Prime Time Spring

Prime Time Spruce

Prime Time Sterling

Prime Time Tangerine

Prime Time Tropic

Prime Time Violet

Spinel Alabaster

Spinel Granite

Spinel Guilden

Spinel Obsidian

Spinel Opal

Spinel Perlite

Spinel Petoskey

Spinel Quarry

Spinel Sandstone

Spinel Slate

Spinel TigerEye

Traction Chrome

Traction Earth

Trim - Paint

Metallic Silver-MS

Light Tone-LT

Inner Tone Light-HF

Medium Tone-MT

Black Umber-BU

White Frost-WF


Tuscani Elme

Beige Pampas

Buka Bark

Satin Stainless

White Cypress

McKinley White


White Nebula

Hardrock Maple

Folkstone Grey

Antique White

Shadow Ridge

Henna Cherry

Inner Tone – HT

Empire Mahogany

White Frost

Gray Nebula

Light Tone – LT

Inner Tone Light – HF