4 Secrets To Arranging Your Call Center

call center buyers guide to purchasing office cubicles

The arrangement of your call center space may just be the secret to your success! It’s important to realize how big of an impact the layout of your space can make on performance.  Arranging your office so that employees feel like it’s a “home away from home” can produce results that far surpass employee satisfaction. Read along as we dive into 4 Secrets To Arranging Your Call Center!


1. Have A “Huddle” Space

Working in a call center environment, although surrounded by people, can feel isolating. A call center employee is often performing their daily tasks independent of their peers, and interactions with coworkers throughout the day can be limited.

It’s important to take the time to unite your call center team through a designated huddle space. This space should promote unity, encourage employees, and further commit them to their daily duties. Starting the day off as a team will encourage members to chase their common goals and increases accountability. Well equipped break rooms, huddle spaces, and lounges (think conference table that turns into a ping pong table) can give employees a place to connect, meet, and relax.

When arranging your call center, take the time to layout these huddle spaces with an expert. Think through what furniture will be needed and get your vision on paper. If you need help, contact Cube Solutions for our recommended  
Call Center free design service!


2. Focus on Efficiency and Flexibility

Call Centers present unique design challenges.  Ideally, call center cubicles are compact and uniform, allowing the maximum number of cubicles in the space.  This is the most efficient, but working in a  cubicle farm can adversely affect your employees’ morale and productivity. Factoring in flexibility while maintaining efficiency, is the key to your call center success.

For example, call center employees need privacy, but also the ability to connect with their supervisor quickly.  Varying height panels, clear panels and stackers combined with a smart layout of the call center cubicles and supervisor workstations can address these concerns. This design will keep your call center efficient while also providing the flexibility and connectedness that is needed.

Allowing for movement not only improves the flow of the call center, but keeps your call center from becoming stale and overly office-like. Eliminating the number of barriers that create that environment is the first step to achieving the right flow for your space.

Laying out your call center to achieve the right amount of flexibility, while still maintaining efficiency, is no easy task. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and reach out to an expert!


3. Factor In Your Potential For Growth

Factor in your company’s margin for expansion. Do you expect to grow within the next few years? A great call center will have prepared for growth and be ready to embrace change. If you’re unsure of where to start, contact an expert today!

call center buyers guide to purchasing office cubicles

One practical way to prepare for the future can be done by thinking through your expected number of employees. Determining what that number is will help you as you decide on office cubicles, bench seating, and many more call center options.


4. Create A Home Away From Home

Call Center spaces are often a place where employees spend long periods of time. Making sure your employees are comfortable is a huge key to success when strategizing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Is the office too hot, too cold? Is the lighting comfortable? Are everyday needs easily accessible?

Ask yourself, and your employees, these questions as you begin to arrange your call center. Start to think through
accessories that will help aid your employees in daily tasks.

Since many call center employees are young, companies are moving toward a fun and dynamic design.  Cubicles with unusual shapes such as serpentine, curves, or pods can break up the traditional 2×4 cubicle.  Using bright colors and fabrics that feel more fun and youthful can positively impact employee morale and productivity. Contact an expert today for more suggestions on how to create a home away from home for your call center employees!


Sticking with these 4 Secrets to Arranging Your Call Center will get you going in the right direction as you strategize your call center space. If you’re ready to take the next step in arranging your call center, download our Call Center Buyer’s Guide for a further look into setting up your perfect space!