Call Center Cubicle Options

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Call centers continue to grow at a remarkable rate. Having the right call center furniture is one of the keys to a successful program. Call Center Cubicles are typically configured to be as economical in space as possible. Since the goal of most call centers is to maximize the seats, cubicles found in this environment are usually smaller than the average office cubicle.

Call Center Cubicles can be configured in a variety of ways, but the most efficient footprint is a cubicle four feet long and two feet wide, with one work-surface. These basic workstations can be ganged together to further increase density. This type of configuration also minimizes cost, as the cubicles share common panels. Slightly wider cubicles can accommodate a pedestal file for storage of supplies or personal items. Cubicles can also accommodate keyboard trays or shelves if required.

Most call centers experience a high volume of calls. Because this can be a stressful experience, training and monitoring of staff is important. Call Center Cubicles are often configured with low panels on the wings, so a supervisor can easily see the activities of the representatives. The cubicles often have a taller panel down the center of a “run”; giving some privacy to the occupants.

The size and configuration of your call center furniture will depend on your current needs as well as planned future growth. Regardless of the configuration, Cube Solutions will design a layout for your call center furniture that gives you the efficiency and the value you need. Give us a call to discuss the best options for you at 866-734-6628.

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