Pitfalls of Used Cubicles

istock 000019628180 medium e1484947542465Used Cubicles seem like a great way to save money and help the planet.

There are two main reasons companies look for used cubicles.  Either to save money, or to be environmentally minded, or both.  Our Remanufactured/Sustainable products satisfy these challenges, while eliminating the inherent problems typically associated with pre-owned cubicles.


Problem: Used cubicles can have inconsistent, often poor, quality. And yet surprisingly, the pricing for used cubicles is usually close to, or more expensive than our remanufactured cubicles.

Our Remanufactured/Sustainable products offer our deepest discounts.  Remanufactured stations cost significantly less than our new products, yet they are held to the same standards of quality and durability.  With our sustainable panel system options, we remanufacture three core components, the panel core, connector core and overhead core. Everything else including the work surfaces and all fabric is new.  Unlike refurbishing, remanufacturing is a process that strips used components down to their raw state where they are then re-manufactured to the same standards and appearance of new office furniture.  The use of environmentally friendly or low impact materials and furniture can also earn points toward a LEED certification.


Problem: Used cubicles are offered in the original finishes and are generally sold in the original size and configuration. There is rarely an opportunity to change the footprint or the way the cubicles are laid out. If you ever want to add on to your used cubicles, it is unlikely that you will be able to find the same or even complementary colors.

Our remanufactured cubicles are offered in two fabrics and two laminate choices.  You can choose the size and configuration you need, because the components are ready to configure in a variety of ways.  You can lay the cubicles out in your space exactly the way they work best for you.  In fact, our designers will design a space plan for you at no cost.


Problem: Pre-owned cubicles are sold “As Is” with no warranty at all.

Our remanufactured/sustainable cubicles carry our Limited Lifetime Warranty, just like our completely new cubicles.

Unexpected Costs

Problem: Used Cubicles need to be transported and installed at your location.  If the cubicles are still standing, they will have to be broken down, palletized and shipped.  Many times, components will get lost or broken in this process.

Cube Solutions Remanufactured cubicles include shipping in the cost.  If there are any freight issues, we will replace the damaged parts.

Problem: Consider the cost of growth.  It takes time and energy to source adequate used furniture, particularly if you are trying to match existing cubes. If you can’t find the exact brand of your existing furniture, the new cubicles will not attach to the current furniture.

Remanufactured cubicles from Cube Solutions are a great way to save money and care for the environment, while eliminating the problems, the time and trouble of sourcing used furniture.

You will be able to add on to your office as you grow.  In addition, your employees will be able to come to work in cubicles that look like brand new.  It’s good for morale; and good for attracting new talent to your business.

Take a look at some of our Remanufactured cubicles in the Special Offers section of our website.