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The Biggest Questions to Answer When Opening a New Office

The Biggest Questions to Answer When Opening a New Office

Whether you’re starting a new business or just moving workspaces, there are many important factors to be considered before claiming a new territory.

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What’s the budget?

Your budget will drastically impact the decisions you make regarding moving costs, facility space, rent, equipment, technology, furniture, and so on. It’s important to divide your resources and never purchase anything you can’t afford at the moment.

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How much technology will be used?

Does your office require the newest, high-performance gadgets and gear in order to perform? If so, does this include: 

phones, projectors, computers, tablets, and monitors? Make sure you set up proper service providers for things like internet and telecommunications before you get started. The more efficiently this technology performs, the more work can be done on a daily basis with minimal hiccups.

How much growth is expected in the future?

If you’re expecting rapid growth to occur, ensure that the office has enough space for new employees to fill. Incorporate cubicles or desk stations that can be folded/expanded to seat multiple people at once if actual square footage is limited in the office.

Is the location appropriate?

Always consider the aspects of your new office spot. Is it easily accessible to customers/clients? Is it in a safe part of town? How will its location affect the daily commute and parking? How is the space, lighting, heating/AC, and cell service inside the facility?

Is it comfortable?

Sure, functionality is probably the most key factor of an office space, but you also want employees and clients to feel welcome and comfortable. Coworkers spend countless hours a week in the office, so be sure to keep that in mind when adding furniture, cubicles, lounge areas, etc. It’s a second home for many people, so it’s important for the overall atmosphere to reflect that. This includes minor details like the paint color, which can impact mood, productivity, and your business’ feel in general.

Will Your Employees be Satisfied?

It’s crucial for employees to be comfortable and productive each day they come into work, so an accommodating and spacious office space needs to be a priority. Here’s a quick list of ways to ensure employees are both happy and productive in the new office.

  1. Free up enough space

Whatever the size or current status of the business, it’s safe to assume that growth opportunities are somewhere in the future. The cubicles and furniture chosen should be somewhat flexible and inexpensive to move/rearrange if necessary. As more employees are hired down the road, it should be imperative that they aren’t cluttered and climbing over each other every day at work.

  1. istock 932339452Create collaboration stations

Employees spend hours a day sitting at their desks, so it’s refreshing to have an area to unwind and relax in the office. It encourages collaboration and allows employees to clear their minds and exchange new, fresh ideas with each other.

  1. Section off quiet areas

There are usually constant distractions and noises that are mixed into a typical work day. Some employees may be able to tune out these sounds of ringing phones, printers, doors slamming, etc. However, it’s still a good idea to section off one or a few quiet “nooks” that employees can use for personal or conference calls, to relax and collect their thoughts, or one-on-one meetings.

  1. Properly illuminate

Lighting is often overlooked in the workplace, but it’s actually vital to employee performance, attitude, and overall productivity. Dimmers, desk lamps, and LED fixtures are just a couple of options to investigate before setting anything in stone. These allow employees to have control over their artificial light and are able to work in a more comfortable and personalized environment.


Deciding how to set up and organize a new work space can oftentimes pose many different problems. Let us be the solution! The sooner you choose your office layout, the quicker you can get on your feet and start working. Let’s get started today!

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