RATPDEV | A Case Study

WHERE: Fort Worth, Texas
WHAT: Team and private office workstations for 23 employees

Our recent installation for RATP Dev, formerly McDonald Transit, involved completely transforming their new empty workspace. RATP Dev initially came to us for a re-design of their current suite. However, the suite felt choppy and too small for their 20+ employees.  After discussing the design with Cube Solutions they decided to move operations into the empty space next door. With the workflow of the company in mind, we designed a layout of their new space that comfortably accommodated their team approach, while giving each individual private, and collaborative spaces to work from.

The team at RATP Dev needed spaces that encourage collaboration, while also giving each employee their own desk space. Multiple large cubicle areas house four individual workstations grouped together with a collaboration table at the center.


"The employees work in teams; but need privacy for each team. Some areas, such as Human Resources, require a door with a lock. Cube Solutions used 67” panels for privacy for most of the teams; and 107” panels for the offices that required a locking door. Quarter glass panels were added along the aisles to create a lighter feel and a more open environment."
-Michelle Swanger, Cube Solutions

Within each team area, we added a small round conference table for team meetings.

In one of the interior offices, we placed three standard size cubicles for visiting execs. These workstations included a small conference top for chatting with employees. These panels are lower, at 53” than the team stations. This gives seated privacy, but still feels bright and open.

"The layout brings management to the floor, where they are easily accessible to all. The end result is an office that feels open and comfortable, while maximizing the efficiency of the teams."
-Michelle Swanger, Cube Solutions

Storage options with locks bring privacy to open spaces and keep individuals organized and efficient.

After working with RATP Dev to determine their goals for the project, our designers drew up space plans and helped them make the ultimate decision to move their offices next door. With a larger space to accommodate the current staff and room to grow, the end result of this project is a bright open office that also takes into account the need for privacy and security.

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