Demilec | A Case Study

WHO: Demilec Corporation
WHERE: Arlington, Texas
WHAT: 25 Person Workstations

Our latest installation for Demilec Corporation proven to be one of our favorite recent projects. Transforming the dark, closed-off space into a light and open workplace was made possible with our custom workstations (featured below) and our Free Design Services.

Private spaces with a flood of natural light — the theme for the Demilec office and objective of our layout design. Looking to open up the area and move away from the dark room that was once there, we styled spaces that look and feel bright.

Adding glass panels to each workstation maximized the available natural light and brought a modernized style to the classic office cubicle.


"We used a lower 53" high panel that encouraged collaboration while maintaining individual privacy. This included a 14" frosted glass pane that further reinforced the sense of privacy without blocking the natural sunlight."
-Rich Wilson, Cube Solutions

Overhead storage options and shelving were added to each station to maximize efficiency without cluttering up the individual spaces. Locks on each Flipper Door Unit provide secure overhead storage for books, binders and other items you want handy but off the work-surface.

Task lights were added to each cubicle providing extra light to the workstations while remaining energy efficient. The lights attach to the underside of the flipper door unit or shelf using magnets for easy adjustment.

Pedestal Files were provided under each desk. This lockable file can be mounted under any workstation and comes with two six inch lockable drawers and one twelve inch deep drawer. These Full Pull Pedestal Files were added to the workstations keeping each space organized and free of clutter.

Concealed power solutions keep each individual connected at their space without the look of messy extension cords.

"Our goal when designing the open area cubicle space was to provide workspace privacy while simultaneously allowing accessibility for co-workers to interact with each other. We wanted to achieve this without sacrificing any of the newly created natural light coming into the office."
-Rich Wilson, Cube Solutions

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