Best Sellers and Why They May be Perfect For You

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At Cube Solutions, we understand your business has a unique vision and specific goals, so why wouldn’t your office reflect that? We’ve put together a list of our best sellers for all different spaces and office settings. Whether you’re a small business looking to make a big impact, or a call center wanting to maximize space, our best sellers may be perfect for you!


A Call Center Favorite

The Telemarketing Cubicle serves as one of our most popular cubicles for call centers. This cubicle is efficient without hindering the individual’s personal space. The 4’ x 2’ workspace makes the space perfect for placing a pedestal file underneath for additional storage.


call center best seller

The Generous Office Cubicle

Our 6’ x 6’ standard office cubicle stands out as a best seller for its generous size and storage options. The tall 67” panels allow for overhead storage, commonly referred to as flipper door units, and open shelves that help keep the workspace organized and clutter-free. Pedestal files and paperflow options allow for the cubicle to be customized for each individuals needs. Whether you’re a small to medium office, or a growing large corporation, this generous office cubicle might be the perfect match for your space!


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Collaboration Cubicle

Over a foot shorter than the 67” Tall cubicle, our 53” tall office cubicle promotes collaboration while still maintaining an individual’s privacy. This cubicle is the perfect example of seated privacy with the ability to interact with those standing. The 53” height allows for collaborators to easily see and interact above the cubicle. The small overhead shelf provides a space for items you want readily available but off the worksurface. Although shorter, this cubicle is still just as spacious with plenty of desk space and pedestal storage options.


The Open Office Benching

While cubicles may work for many various office spaces, they don’t work for all. That’s where our benching solutions come in! The interchangeable storage options and adjustable heights make Xpand benching a best seller for Cube Solutions. The flexibility of this workspace makes it a perfect fit for many clients. An individual’s space can quickly transform into a sit-to-stand desk with our Power Adjustable Desktop. Whether you’re promoting collaboration or looking for a modern twist to the standard cubicle, let us help you customize your space!


sit to stand best seller


Mobile Glassboard

We believe an office should have what you need, when you need it, making the Mobile Go! Board a top seller for businesses that collaborate on the go. This glass board is customizable for your office space and comes in a virtually unlimited number of glassboard surface colors and designs. Not only are your pallet options endless, but the Mobile Glassboard allows your company to customize with your brand. You can add your own personal design utilizing your company logo and staying true to your brand standards. This board helps increase efficiency within the workplace allowing employees to make presentations, collaborate, and brainstorm wherever they see best fit. The various sizes and design make it a perfect option for all businesses!


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Power Adjustable Desktop

One of our best sellers, this power adjustable desktop makes any desk a sit-to-stand. With our power model being a lower price point than most manual options and a push to be more active during the workday, this accessory is rapidly increasing in popularity.


xemerge turn any desk



Whether its one of our best sellers or another item, let us help you find the perfect fit for your space! Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our Free Design Service today!


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