Top Companies and How Their Office Affects Productivity

We all know it takes strategy and diligence to grow a successful company, but how much of that strategy should go towards your office layout? Top companies like Google, Pixar Animation Studios, and Pandora Internet Radio have boldly stated that office design is a huge player in day-to-day operations as well as achieving your long term goals as a company. Take a look into key elements of successful companies around the world and how they’ve strategically designed their office spaces.


Google’s Nested Offices Bring a Sense of Security

At Google, nested offices are bringing people together in more ways than one. Groups of 6-8 employees are strategically placed together to create a collaborative and tight community. Google believes giving employees a space to call their own can increase their feelings of job security and ultimately lead to increased job satisfaction.

Taking a version of the open office and adapting it to meet their employees’ needs is what lead Google to their nested office layout. A combination of privacy and collaboration, the nested office keeps the environment controlled without stifling creativity.

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Pixar’s Office Layout Centers on Culture

The legendary Steve Jobs played a significant role in the creation, vision, and strategy for Pixar’s 22 acre home in Emeryville, California. Jobs envisioned an environment that nurtured relationships and encouraged interactions with fellow employees. This was accomplished through a significant sector within the space known as The Atrium.  The Atrium serves as the gathering place for employees to interact, bond, and enhance relationships. Sitting in the middle of the 22 acre space, Jobs strategically placed The Atrium. Jobs placed the only bathrooms in the building inside The Atrium, making social interaction a key part of every employee’s day.

Although most companies are not as large and dynamic as Pixar, each business has it’s own set of goals and values. If culture plays a large role in your company, consider having a strategic gathering place within the office. A flexible space, open seating and interactive games all help to foster relationships and encourage social interactions.

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One Size Does Not Fit All At Pandora

Pandora Internet Radio understands their need for diversity in the workplace. The company’s headquarters located in Oakland, California is made up of many versatile spaces including cubicle style workspaces, open seating lounge areas, and private collaboration rooms.

Pandora’s diverse space gives employees the opportunity work privately while also giving them access to conference style rooms to gather together and collaborate. Individual cubicles are set up to give each individual an environment to call their own with file pedestals providing storage at each space.


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These top performing companies understand the need for a unique space that reflects their culture, vision, and long term goals. We know your business has your own set of goals that needs a unique space.

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