5 Things You Didn't Know Are Negatively Affecting Your Employees

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One of the most important factors in employee satisfaction is the office environment. When employees are pleased with their surroundings at work, it increases their productivity, motivation and overall job satisfaction. Here are five things to consider that may be negatively affecting your employees and what you can do to improve their satisfaction in the workplace!


1. Noisy

A noisy workplace can be distracting and disruptive. When an employee is frustrated by noises, he or she may sense a lack of control in their work environment. For some it is difficult to tune out sounds and concentrate on work tasks when there is background noise. If you have an open office layout, make sure to create private spaces where your employees can go and work when they are in need of a quiet environment.

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2. No Permanent Desk

When employees don’t have a permanent desk at the office, it affects feelings of stability and a long term vision for being at your organization. People often spend the majority of their day at work so it’s important for them to have a defined workspace at the office. Allowing your employees to personalize their desk with photos and mementos from home will evoke a feeling of ownership and positivity throughout their workday.

3. Lack of Huddle Areas

It’s hard to go relax, have a friendly conversation or one on one informal meeting in a large conference room. Make sure to have small meeting rooms or huddle areas to encourage employees to take a break, recharge, mull over ideas, and have casual conversations or meetings with small groups. Having huddle areas your employees can retreat to will ultimately reduces stress, build camaraderie and foster collaboration.

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4. Uncomfortable Furniture

Employees spend many hours at their desks. A comfortable, attractive workspace can increase productivity, and just makes people feel good about being at the office. Make sure employees have desks that are an appropriate height or provide adjustable desks. Take a look at Emerge, one of most popular powered adjustable height desktop accessories, and discover how to make your space more flexible for your employees needs! Supply ergonomic seating and ensure there is adequate space around the desk and chair. Giving employees a comfortable physical environment will maximize their productivity and happiness.

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5. Bad Lighting

Lighting has a great effect on us in the workplace and is often overlooked. You want a balanced mix of both natural and artificial light. Stay away from all fluorescent lighting. Consider investing in desk lamps, LED lighting or dimmer switches and giving your employees options for controlling artificial light. Try to place work spaces near windows when possible to take advantage of natural light. Good office lighting can boost productivity and mood.


A functional office design can make a big difference in the long term satisfaction of your office environment. At Cube Solutions, we want to help you design a workspace that is specific to your business, looks amazing, and takes you into the future. Take advantage of this free service - Contact us today for a Free Layout Design for your office!

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