4 Simple Ways to Update Your Office Space

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Trends in office design are constantly evolving which means it may be time to upgrade your office space! While some upgrades may be more extensive than others, there are always simple things you can do to improve your space. If you’re looking to upgrade your office on a budget, here are a few simple changes you can make that may have a bigger impact on your employees than you realize.

1. Add Light

Natural light in your workplace is always a good decision, but what if your space doesn’t have access to sunlight? Consider installing task lighting underneath a shelf, adding a small lamp to your desk or putting a floor lamp in a corner. Accent and task lighting is more energy efficient compared to fluorescent lighting, gives your employees control over the amount of light, and provides a soothing atmosphere in your office space.

2. Go Ergonomic

Replacing standard desks and chairs with ones that are considered ergonomic can improve productivity and make the work environment a comfortable place to be. Well-designed work chairs relieve stress and provide support to the body. Adjustable height tables and desks allow employees to easily shift between sitting and standing to work healthier and give energy levels a boost.

3. Turn Notes Into Art

Invest in a large dry erase marker board or glass board and turn your brainstorming notes into an artwork piece that is ever-changing. The Flip Boards at Cube Solutions provide glass boards on one side and acoustic sound panels, custom to your space, on the other. Glass/Marker Boards can be cut to fit any type of space from a single office to an entire wall and can be customized with color and printed designs. Display whiteboards/glassboards double as an office communication tool and a decor piece.

4. Get Organized

A well organized, tidy desk is a simple way to transform your workspace. Avoid paper clutter by keeping important and frequently referenced documents within arm’s reach with organizational paper trays or a tack board. Install lockable overhead shelving to provide storage for books, binders and other items you want handy, but off the work-surface.


At Cube Solutions, our team of designers help you choose the right furniture, finishes, and accessories to create an environment that works for you. A comfortable, attractive workspace can increase productivity, and makes people feel good about being at the office.

If you’re not sure where to start contact a Cube Solutions professional today and work with an expert on a Free Layout Design for your office!

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