Cubicles are Affordable

Whether you have 3 employees or 3000, cubicles are the most cost effective way to manage your workspace.
Many large corporations are moving away from traditional offices to more affordable office cubicles for all employees; even top management. Using modular office cubicles maximizes space and allows for more open interaction. Panel systems also reconfigure easily to adapt to a growing and changing office environment.

Affordable cubicles don’t have to be boring.
At Cube Solutions we offer a wide selection of in a number of sizes, configurations and layouts. Our design team can design the best layout for your space and requirements.

Cubicles are modular, which means you can take the basic components and arrange them in a variety of configurations.
You can chose from a basic call center cubicle with no storage to a full featured manager workstation that includes a peninsula desk, filing drawers and overhead storage. Not only are these cubicles more affordable, in most cases you maximize your work area within each “office.” Many executives prefer cubicles in their private offices, too; in order to get the most efficient use of space.

In addition to a wide range of configurations, Cube Solutions also offers a variety of fabrics.
Although the most cost effective choice is one of our popular in house fabrics in either Slate or Pebble; our customers can chose from a large selection of colors and patterns. You want your cubicles to reflect the color palette of your office in general. Cube Solutions can help you do that.

Want to conserve working capital? Cube Solutions can offer leasing and rental options. Leasing allows you to pay an affordable monthly payment. Although we can’t offer tax advice, many companies are able to expense all or part of this lease which saves money on taxes. Our leasing partners offer quick turnaround; and you can apply on line.

Buying affordable office cubicles shouldn’t be complicated.
At Cube Solutions, we try to answer all your questions thoroughly, understand your needs, and design a plan that fits your office and your budget. Give us a call or send us an email. We think you will be delighted with our service, our cubicles, and our value.

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